In the seventies we lived several years in England where I got to know a lovely yellow labrador from the Kennel Newinn of Rosemarie Hewitt. It was love at first sight. At long last in 1994 we got our first black Labrador Retriever from England, Grace, a daughter of CH Sandylands My Guy. We have spent innumerous happy hours in the Fields and at Shows. Grace gave us the joy of two wonderful litters. Our dearest Grand Old Lady Grace left us an the 29th of October 2008. We miss her terribly, she was our sunshine.


Not only the Training, the Field Trials and the Shows have become a great interest, also the genealogy of the breed. I am in contact with experienced breeders in England, France, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic and British Columbia (Canada).


The closest contact is with my friend Evelyne Bourgoin  since we train and show our dogs together and have so much fun sharing this

this interest. Evelyne Bourgoin is a great support for me in any circumstances and I am very greatful for all her kindness and patience (


Our puppies are born and reared in the house and have direct access to a lovely park in our garden. We appreciate to stay in contact with all our puppy owners and have a little get together once a year which is much fun for everybody.


Our goal is to produce Labradors as near to the official standard of the English Kennel Club as possible. This standard is also recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Not only the morphologie is in our interest. We also want to keep the specific Labrador features, such as his pleasure to retrieve, a good nose, the joy for water, a good tempered character and his litterally "Will to please".


The success was on our side as we have kept three times a puppy out of our ten litters we have reared since 1997 and all three have become Champions. One of the recent event is the title International Champion of our Naiade. Also in Fields (Dummy Training) we have been very successful.


Please note: Say NO to "Silver Labradors". The Labrador exists only in three colours: black, yellow and chocolat. Any other coulor is not accepted by the FIC (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).


Floriana + Hans Dettwiler

Aeneas Silvius-Strasse 23

CH-4059 Basel


+41 61 361 75 00

+41 62 390 11 40